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    240 North Frederick Avenue Daytona Beach, FL 32114

  • Outreach Community Care Network Staff​

    Vanessa Harvey-Lents, Dr.AD​

    Behavioral Health Psychologist Executive Director

    [email protected]

    (386) 255-5569 EXT 220

    Wendy Seavers​


    [email protected]

    (386) 255-5569 EXT 232

    Tamika Crumiell​

    Prevention Specialist

    [email protected]

    (386) 255-5569 EXT 233



    [email protected]

    (386) 255-5569 EXT 210

    Terrell Irvin​

    Senior Prevention Specialist

    [email protected]

    (386) 255-5569 EXT 227

    Amy Isenberg​

    Medical Receptionist

    [email protected]

    (386) 255-5569 EXT 240


    Prevention Specialist

    [email protected]

    (386) 255-5569 EXT 216

    Katarina Evans​

    Medial Assistant

    [email protected]

    (386) 255-5569 EXT 219

    Phlebotomist Dorothy Wiggins​

    Billing Coordinator

    [email protected]

    (386) 255-5569 EXT 222

    Robin Freeman​

    Pharmaceutical Technician

    [email protected]

    (386) 255-5569 EXT 244

    Tony Broxton​

    Deputy Director

    [email protected]

    (386) 255-5569 EXT 243

    Dr. Ronald Rusiecki, M.D.​

    Infectious Disease

    [email protected]

    (386) 255-5569 EXT 218

    Jerry McCoy​

    IT Administrator

    [email protected]

    (386) 255-5569 EXT 225

    Testing Office​

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