Know the Must-Have Products for Puppies

Know the Must-Have Products for Puppies

Searching for the best products for your puppy can be confusing as there are lots of things you can choose from. You will see countless items of every size and shape available for your dog. It can be tempting to splurge for your new dog. But, make sure to choose the must-have products for puppies to make your dog’s homecoming a great experience. Below are some of the items you should never miss for your puppy:

  • Leash and Collar

Your puppies will require a leash and collar the day you bring them home. Collars hold the identification tag and dog license of your puppy that list your phone number and name. The collar attaches to leash will help you walk your puppy. For the first few collars of your dog, choose an adjustable and nylon type with 2-piece buckle. The collar must fit snugly, so it will not slip off, yet must not be very tight. You must fit 2 fingers between the neck of your dog and the collar. As your puppy gets older, expect to purchase several collars as he outgrows them.

The leash that attaches to your dog’s collar provides you the control you need during obedience training or walking session. It must be well-made and strong as should the hardware that links leash to collar. To experience comfort, the leash must have a loop that’s easy to grip. You can first use shorter leash, then use longer leashes once you enroll your dog in obedience training.

  • Dog Bed

The first day your dog comes home, he will need a comfortable bed to rest. While you are housetraining your dog, you’ll have her sleep in his kennel or crate. Small beds and bumper beds covered in sheepskin or fleece are made just for this purpose. These keep dogs cozy and warm while they are dozing away. If your puppy tends to chew his bedding and ingest some stuffing or foam, get rid of it from his crate to prevent intestinal blockage. Provide your dog a towel or blanket to sleep on until he gets over the chewing phase.

  • Containment and Crates

It’s a must for puppy owners. Containment and crates keep your new puppy in confined areas where you can housetrain and monitor him. You’ll require a dog carrier or crate and a playpen, gate or exercise pen once you bring your puppy home. When selecting a carrier or crate, ensure that your puppy can stand up, turn around, lie down, and stretch inside. Even if dogs want a close-in and den-like space, they also like a room to be comfortable.

  • Water and Food Bowls

Your puppy will require water and food bowls when he comes home. There are numerous varieties to choose from. You may select stainless steel or ceramic dishes, bowls made of glass, and plastic crocks, yet all of these place settings for your dog have their drawbacks and benefits. The cheapest options are crocks and plastic bowls. While some can be sanitized and cleaned in the dishwasher, plastic may harbor residue and bacteria, particularly in scratched or dented areas. If you consider plastic, choose a dishwasher-safe and harder bowl and replace that once it has signs of wear.

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